Drips Bakery Cafe

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As we were walking in Tiong Bahru, also in search of yet another coffee place, we chanced upon this cafe called Drips Bakery Cafe.

The shop is cozy and clean even with its plain decorations and selections of tables and chairs. Going inside, you would see either bunch of friends chattering and passing time or couples privately talking over their cups of coffee and desserts.

As displayed on their window glass outside, Drips specialize in tarts and you could select from among the array of selections they have to offer. Not only that, they sell tea cakes, cream brulees and souffles and cakes.

Their mouth-watering display of sweets and breads!

Their brewing corner…mmmmm.. smells so good and inviting!

Passing by the cafe, you will be invited to come in by these fancy and attractive display of sweets and pastries!

To go and in a hurry? They also have these packed goodies for you to choose from.

So seeing all these goodies, I personally can’t wait to try them. So we had chosen the seats all the way to the back of the cafe. It is a really cozy and serene place to just sit down and I actually had curled myself up in the sofa with our orders.

A coffeeholic’s usual shot of her caffeine fix in any cafes she’s into. =))

I know they specialize in tarts, but for some reason this afternoon, all of us were craving for something chocolatey.

Dark chocolate truffle and the one which has banana slices awaiting inside.

Being a person that is really not into something so sweet, I do like these cakes especially they are predominantly comprised of dark chocolate. Also, that variation which incorporates the banana slices inside is quite nice and suits my palate. There are much more selections that I can’t wait to try next time and given the dessert-and-coffee experience during this stay, I can say that I can come back and try their other offerings.

Overall, I will rate this as 3 out of 5. Best factor being the ambiance and next, of course, are the dark chocolate cakes we had tried during the stay. Still, I think, cakes like these could also be in some other cafes and might taste the same. But yeah, I can give a different rating when I try some of their other selections. 🙂 Nonetheless, it had been a nice afternoon at Drips.

Drips Bakery Cafe: 82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-05, Singapore, 160082


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