Salt Tapas & Bar

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Comfort food.. you would know they hold true when you are eating and savouring it and it somehow soothes a rather gloomy feeling. We went at a place in City Hall, Singapore to unwind ourselves up, and it seems to be a cosy chill out place with dim lights and alfresco style dining. Most tables would have glasses of wine and a bottle and people intimately chattering the night away. We wanted to eat something really good and at the first glance on the menu, dishes seem to be Spanish – mostly European. The menu listed Paella so this caught our attention and we immediately decided to try this resto. We opted for the seats inside which is just beside the alfresco and night was really cool and soothing.

We were so hungry so we ordered few dishes which sounded so delicious just by reading at the menu descriptions.

Paella of Prawns, Mussels, Chorizo and Chicken

Moroccan Spiced Baby Chicken, Celeriac Puree and Spinach

Sumac Spiced Veal and Pork Meatballs, Fontina Mash


A bucket of ciders and beers

An “almost aftermath” of us enjoying our dishes!

I would say that I loved the food especially the baby chicken which was really succulent. We kept on savouring it together with the spinach and celeriac sauce. I would say that among all the dishes that we ordered, this has to be my most favourite. I find the Paella just average but still good. It could be that, I had tried some other Paellas that are way better. I find that the ingredients were not really infused into the rice so it was like having separate taste of each component rather than them blending all together. Usually, when you eat just the rice, you would already know what are the inclusions – if there are shrimps, chorizos etc even if you do not include them in your spoonful, just the rice. As for the veal and pork meatballs, I find the mash good, a combination of Fontina cheese, potato and tomato sauce, the meatball is also good but something that you can taste  in other restos. Overall, I love the food. I would have to rate the dining experience as 3.8 of 5, number one being the ambiance and next is the food. The price is pretty exy but of course, this is Singapore and I am also paying for both food quality and place. Still, I will come back here again for sure and try out the other dishes! 🙂

(Photos were taken using Iphone, bear with me if they’re not so vivid.)


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