Higashiyama District Dinner

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Lost in translation… everything is in Japanese so pardon that I don’t know the English name of this food place, well if there is actually one that exists, so I just opted to take a photo of the place. Of course, even the menu is in Japanese – so it was an ordeal of choosing which one looks nice and pointing it out to the order taker. 🙂

After we hiked up to Kiyomizu-dera temple in Higashiyama where shops and food place are lining up the strip and as it was dinner time, we opted to find a place where we could heat up ourselves as it was really cold and even drizzling. We wanted a quiet place sans the hustle and bustle and lucky that we stumbled upon this resto which looks like a plain house from the outside.

The inside looks homey and it was tranquil….

We sat all the way at the back

They are serving homestyle Japanese cuisine and the first thing that popped in my head was…… noodles!!!

And of course, meal wouldn’t be complete without a cup of coffee especially in that cold weather.

One of my observations during this food trip in Japan is that their food would not taste of MSG, compared to when you buy ramen or any noodles from restos outside of Japan. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find their food natural and not too salty. Also, I always always love how the Japanese prepare their meal in a way that it was orderly, a bento everytime and I am fascinated by that serving style. I would not mind going back to this resto once I decided to plan a trip back to Kyoto – which I am hoping to be soon. 🙂


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