Floresta Nature Doughnuts

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As we were temple hopping in Osaka and while the winds were blowing cold and brushing heavily on our face, we decided to take a break for a while and find a cozy place to sit down and sip a coffee. Luckily, on the way, we found a small doughnut place which looks like a typical bakery from the outside and it is called Floresta Nature Doughnuts. As to why there is “nature” in the shop name, I don’t get it and didn’t bother asking, lol.

Inside is a quaint looking shop and oh my god, the smell of doughnuts while being baked from the oven!

Sitting down, one would notice that the place is really more of a neighborhood doughnut shop where students or local workers would just drop by and take away a piece or two of doughnut. When weather is cold, I tend to double up my daily intake of coffee, from the usual 3-4 cups.. hmm.. ok, I know, it’s too much caffeine intake, lol. Their brewed coffee is quite nice, not too acidic nor bitter.

As usual, I love how they arrange your meal in such a way that you would want to orderly eat it because it is arranged too pretty for you to mess it up. The dough nut is not too sweet which I really like as I hate those that makes your teeth ache even in just one bite. Would definitely come back again for some coffee should I be travelling back in Osaka. 🙂

Oh, I just noticed how cute their door handles are when we started walking outside:


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