Izakaya Tripping

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Here is another post about a food place in Japan where I didn’t have the chance to get to know how I could spell the name of it, not with its Japanese characters. Maybe soon, I will just have to show these blog posts to a Japanese so he or she could spell it out for me and I would then update this post with a name that I could write and pronounce. :))

It was almost evening and itinerary for the day was already completed. Before heading back to the hotel, we noticed this place which looks like a bar and has a big menu colorfully displayed outside showing mouth watering Japanese finger foods/snacks, if that’s a better way to call it. We had to go up a narrow staircase before we could see the reception to the izakaya. We noticed that they have private sections to quietly spend time with your friends or family and it is very cozy and dimly lit and private.

So we went inside one of those clusters where I thought you have kneel down like those that you usually see on movies when actually the table and sofa are just lowered down from the floor level and your feet would still have to go as usual, like how would you typically sit down on restos, except that you’re lowered down, lol.

And so the tiny bites!!! Do note that this was already post dinner snacking haha.

And some beers to go with all these! It is a place where people can head down post work hours to grab some drinks and chat with friends. I enjoyed the time here and all of the food are delish, I’m not sure though if it might be because anything Jap cuisine is something that I love. :)) I can’t wait to go back here! 🙂


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