Kyoto Cheap & Fast Food

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One of the things that I enjoyed in Japan are the side street cheap and fast food joints. Those that you can just go in, press your order and eat in a breeze and that which would costs only a couple of SG dollars, say 3-4 per meal. On one night in Kyoto, while walking with a growling tummy, we happened to pass by a seemingly interesting fast food place and so we decided to go in and try. As with some shops, you have to decode the puzzling Japanese ordering machine (I would say puzzling as there is of course, no English translation, lol).

After ordering and paying from the machine, you have to hand the dispensed coupon to the waiter and sit yourself on one of the stools surrounding a central area where they do some of the preparations.

And so the orders… gosh… cheap and real GOOD!!!!

Also, nothing beats downing a chilled beer on a very cold weather… Asahi!!!

Ok, I’m getting all hungry talking about this…and  I am badly missing that experience of walking through a chilly night and finding yourself a food place offering a cheap but definitely good meal! 🙂 Will come back soon!!!!!!!!!!

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