George & Dragon Cafe

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Bored, we decided to go shopping in Johor Bahru premium outlets in Malaysia as we miss the feeling of sauntering through shops in USA outlets and getting overwhelmed by uber good prices for most branded items. (Will tackle this definitely in another blog post)

We had a heavy breakfast before we took off in SG so hunger called late in the day, almost dinner time. We passed by this dark but cozy looking resto which was not there during our first visit back in 2012. So we went in.
Knights in shining armor and a dark medieval interior would welcome you in.



We ordered an appetizer to begin with which was the Calamari Rings.


It was served with a thick tomato sauce on the side, with tid bits of fresh tomatoes and it was sweet. I loved the sauce and how the dish was presented.

For the mains, we ordered a Seafood pasta which they said to be one of their bestsellers and Pan Seared Fillet of Salmon which we opted to go together with a Lemon Butter sauce. The latter came in very huge serving. The pasta was normal but the shrimps were cooked succulently.



Hungry that we were, I still ordered for a Chicken and Mushroom pizza which came in thin crispy crust and the sauce was sweet, it was a good tasting one.


And of course, my eating experience would not be complete without my dose of caffeine.



Also, the crew are a bunch of friendly ones, giving good and hospitable service. I would not mind coming back here again for a relaxing and soothing dining experience post shopping and going gaga over bargains haha!


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