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I love food, people who are within my circle such as family and dear friends would know that I am adventurous when it comes to food. I would want to try out most restos, fast food and cafes out and about. But of course, I cannot just buy outside every time and I want it that when I am craving for some dish, I can whip it up myself in the comfort of home kitchen. If you are friends with me on Facebook and Instagram, you would know that I mostly upload photos of dining experiences, coffee frothe snapshots and my very own home cooked dishes.

And so, as most of my dear friends have been saying everytime, “blog it already”! lol .. So here I am, attempting to document what comes out of the kitchen and me. But do note that the catch here is that at times, I would not post exact measurements to ingredients as I have the habit of not measuring or weighing them and just resort to trial and error, eyeballing or it could also be that I am so used to cooking the dish that I do not need to weigh it up. So pardon me for those type of blogs, haha.

I hope you do enjoy and feel free to let me know should you ever have questions on those dishes of mine. 🙂

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