Ya Kun Kaya Toast

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When I was younger, I only knew two types of coffee: Cappuccino and Instant Coffee. Now that I am a full blown, battle-all-challenges, bill-paying adult who resides in Singapore, mornings are mostly started with the local coffee called as Kopi which is uniquely prepared using their good ol pitcher and stockings as the filter. Yes stockings! So once the ground coffee are diluted in water, it will be passed back and forth by the uncle between two metal pitchers so that the mixture is well incorporated as well as to yield the right temperature, I suppose. 🙂 I love that it is soothing, bold and best of all cheap!

This morning as I was waiting for bank to open, I decided to have my breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Tampines Century Square. I ordered Kopi C which uses evaporated milk rather than condensed and paired it up with Toast Cubes which is toast with butter, covered with egg and fried with a Kaya as a dip and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar. This food place offers a different kind of toast compared to other local Kopi place as they prepare theirs like a French toast way. Yumm…



‘Til next cup! 🙂

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