Tiong Bahru Bakery

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I have loved Tiong Bahru Bakery since the first time I visited the place. It is one of those cafes that have both ambiance and menu so jived together that people are frequenting it and rave good things about it. It is located in one of the enclaves of the the old fashioned but goodie Tiong Bahru.

I believe the bakery has two branches (that I know so far), the one in Tiong Bahru which this blog talks about and Raffles City mall in City hall. But I am not a fan of cafes inside malls so I prefer locations such as Tiong Bahru.

The interiors and the people comfortably chattering, sipping their coffee and munching on pastries and sweets

Lined up the queue and thought about what I should get from their appetizing display of pastries and desserts

I had tried their cranberry almond, Foccacia (the one with the Tuna flakes in one of the above photos), their almond croissant (which I was not able to take a photo of!). I must say that so far, this has been the best croissant that I have tried. It is soft but is not too airy where it is actually quite big than the usual type of croissants you can find, it tastes really good and best part, it is not dry! I think in all of my visits, almond croissant is a typical order. As for the Foccacia with Tuna, the bread is soft, the serving is generous and I think this can be good for two people, I liked the infusion of wild rockets on top. However, the taste is just average for me. The cranberry almond is also good. I had tried a tart but I forgot the specific name of it but the dessert is delectable and good as well.

I do like most of the pastries that I have tried. Also the ambiance, which is another factor I consider in cafes and pastry shops, it is homey and gives that comfortable feeling to its customers. 🙂

Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gotran Cherrier: 56 Eng Hoon St. #01-70, Singapore 160056


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