Tiong Bahru

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I fancy cafes especially those selling reasonably priced and good pastries. I’ve been an avid fan of those blogs that tackle good eats specifically those that discuss hidden, neighborhood cafes. I’ve stumbled upon several posts talking about how one could spend a lazy afternoon in a place called Tiong Bahru in Singapore, that got me interested and so here I am sharing mine.

Reaching the place, you would already be welcomed by old fashioned, white houses that I find pleasant looking and I thought it might be nice to live in here. From the bus stop, there are several seafood restaurants that you will pass by going further in the estate.

the famous Tiong Bahry Bakery

Other than the famous Tiong Bahru Bakery, there are other cafes that one can also choose from and frequent to pass time, have an intimate chit chat with someone, catch up with friends or family bonding.

A coffee affair at Drips

Continuing our walk, you would see not only cafes and pubs in Tiong Bahru, but of course, local food offerings. Saw this eatery that setup tables and chairs outside its open area and I find that it seems nice to dine in here and given the number of people that we saw eating in the said place, the offerings might be good. So yes, this will be another dining place that I will visit next time.

… And one food place of my favorite local dish.. Bah Kut Teh!

There really are several options if one is into pastries and breads. For one, saw this bread shop which has breads sitting on its window pane.

Not the usual HDBs and condos are these seemingly attached apartments lined up together with separate narrow steel doors each. And these are the usual residential units that you will see within the vicinity.

Camera Shy cat =))

There is also a PS Cafe Petit found in Tiong Bahru, I guess they might have called it that, distinguishing it from the usual PS Cafe, because this shop might have less offerings than its bigger counterpart.

In addition to tummy-filling-cafes-and-restaurants, you would also find many thrift shops and bookstores here.

Woods In The Books is more for children, selling story books and learning materials. For adults and kids alike, one can visit this nearby book shop called Books Actually.

The unique and catchy design of Books Actually’s entrance facade.

Bookworms can find many reading stuff here spanning books from local authors and international ones.

At the back end portion of the bookstore is this antique display of a variety of items which would fascinate especially the antique collectors and designers.

Strangelets is a craft shop selling furnitures, kitchen stuff and accessories where some are made in a unique way. Probably because of their unique designs comes the exy price.

Only because we had with us a friend who is working here did we find this shop where you would actually enter a residential like entrance. You wouldn’t really know that there’s a hidden store awaiting inside.

And it is called Nana and Bird.

Nana and Bird is a multi-label boutique shop that offers dresses and stylish clothes. Also adjoining the place is a book shop, apparently it was closed when we went it.

Beside Strangelets is Ikyu. It is a Japanese restaurant but they attested to be not your usual mainstream Jap restaurant. I guess they have changed the dining experience in a way that they designed the resto to look more like “dining in a bar”.

A watering hole that is Social Haus.

Passed by Coffee Bar, which like Ikyu, looks predominantly a bar rather than the typical ambiance that comes together with their offering, in this case, coffee.

I find the name of this place very unique and catchy, and I honestly initially thought they are selling Potatoes! haha.. Ok, they are called Pot Tea To. 

Chanced upon this locked and seemingly “no trespassing” dining place called Portfolio Day, yeah as written, they are only for private invitations. 🙂

I actually like Tiong Bahru, I find that it could be my go to place when I really want a quiet, lazy and private coffee afternoon especially for a coffeeholic that is me, there are few places to choose from to sit down and unwind yourself up with soothing comfort food. So yes, TB, I will visit you again. 🙂

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