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I consider myself a foodie. That elated, exciting feeling that I get whenever I encounter a new dining place, unexplored restos and food that my palate hasn’t tasted yet, is so evident that you would see me getting impatient to give them a try. And oh, food markets! I could go gaga over them, and will try to squeeze myself in its lane ways, checking out what each stall has to offer.

I got to know Pasarbella on few social media shares and I got interested as they usually describe it as being similar to markets like London’s Borough market. And so I went. It is located in Bukit Timah’s Grandstand, which is quite far from where I reside.

Stopping from my so called “hike” from bus stop to here just to capture a photo :))
There it is!

Entering Pasarbella, I got fascinated by the quaint interior where several stores abound with different specialties. Everything just looks so mouth watering! Most are western cuisine and a bit of Japanese.

What to expect?

The Japanese Market there

I love this “gathering table” below with matching fairy lights.

Even the washroom / toilet is of good interior! It’s rustic, dark but chic!

Cool toilet signage!

If one is into wines and beers, and you wanted to chill out even on an afternoon, then this could be one place for you (well, that is, if you are keen to travel lol)

Pasarbella also houses a grocery / supermarket. Brands and items, though, are a bit on the exy side. But if you fancy cooking and love spices and sauces like me, you will definitely enjoy it here.


Going further into the vicinity, are moooooreeeeeee food and drinks stalls!

I stumbled upon this store called Shabby Chic, and being the fan that I am, I got excited to go in and check what’s in store! I found out, they are carrying the brand Green Fields, which I am a fan of as well (ahmmm, Uniqlo Undies anyone, lol). Green Fields, by the way, is something similar to the Cath Kidston designs.

See? Just like Cath! and of course, exy too! :))
Sooooo drooooling!!

And oh, I found this cozy coffee nook called Dutch Colony which is at the center of the place.

Beautiful Blooms!

I also saw one culinary shop called Lemon Zest and they sell those that you need for cooking and baking, yes, even books!

Going further, I stumbled upon Little Provence, selling exquisite olive oils of different variations and Mediterranean dips!! Talk about tomatoes and cheese and spices, omg!

Free tasting corner

I got full from trying the dips and oils together with bread (the lady was too kind to let me try so many stuff even wine!).

Outside is Seasalt and I am not sure if the Tapas Bar is one and the same with it.

I ordered the pork belly but I asked them to substitute it with anything that is not the greens so they provided me with this yummy vegetable rice! Yeah, better than just plain veggie right? haha

I drizzled the lemon juice and from the first bite, oh my, all I can say is that I am craving for it now. I like how crispy the pork skin is  but the meat is succulent and tender. The marinade I think is quite simple but I do love the taste of it! Will come back for this again.

Chanced upon this cooking-show-looking-food-stall where they setup pots and pans, that which are actually cooking dishes.

Ordered a Baked Brie with Walnuts and Wild Nuts as well as Shepard’s Pie, both of which are actually good but pricey.

Baked Brie, costs about 15.00++
Shepard’s Pie

And got a Moscato from Little Provence where I previously bought dips. The lady did not charge me anymore with service fee that comes with drinking the wine on the house, as they have to hand you an ice bucket and wine glasses.

Moscato Afternoon!

Previously passed by a place called Le Patio where the chef was in the process of cooking a Paella and I said that even if I am already full, I would still buy the Paella being one of my favorite dishes!

See? I was the first customer to buy! haha

Paella was mouth watering but I think it would be better if they also loaded it up with a Chorizo! Yummmm..

There is also a cake shop selling Russian cakes! They look so interesting, apparently the binge was already too much, so trying this out was no longer an option, lol. But next time, I will give it a try.

Walking further outside, I chanced upon another market called Chillax Market, a cool name eh?

They carry home and craft stuff, for one is the Red Carousel. But of course, I did not purchase anything, as they are all expensive! haha

I enjoyed going to Pasarbella being the foodie that I am. However, I think I would not visit it any time soon for it being too far. When you take bus and alighted at the 6th ave stop, expect a bit of hike going here. Nonetheless, if you treat me with a cab fare going here, I would definitely come with you. lol.

So I am leaving you with this quote… =))

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