Georgetown Wines

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I love a good wine especially if with an ambient interior. Thus, I am willing to try and pay extra for a good dining and drinking experience. Wine is enjoyed best after a very tiring and long day. So, on one night in Penang (exhausted from an all day of walking under the scorching sun), we chanced upon this all-white facade with barrels on the grounds and nice looking enclave called Georgetown Wines.

Inside is a lounge with people inaudibly chattering and sipping wines where the interior are of rustic cobblestone walls and unpainted concrete floors.

As we wanted wine, we were led to the wine room to choose which one we opted for, but eventually we decided to just get a house pour that is white wine and Rose.

The place has an upper floor so we decided to lounge and drink upstairs.


We opted for small bites since we were still full from the day’s awesome food trip!

We got ourselves a different variety of Crostini:
– Blue Cheese Prosciutto, Figs and Balsamic
– Ricotta with Anchovy, Shaved Fennel, Quail’s Eggs
– Smoked Scarmoza, Grilled Marinated Aubergine and Semi Dried Tomatoes

I didn’t think I would be enjoying the one with Anchovy since how they presented it was that an entire small fish is occupying the whole of Crostini slice which I don’t find appealing, but biting it.. yumm it was really good. The scarmoza infused Crostini was good as well, probably because the cheese is similar to Mozarella which is something that I love. The Blue cheese one is pretty average for me.

With the service, we find that they kept on forgetting our orders since the waiter had to come back the second time after about 15 mins to get our order! And it was the same instance with the table next to us.

The manager (not sure if he is also the owner) is pretty hospitable in welcoming the guests.

Anyway, could probably come back here again if I would be in Penang and wanted a good wine.

PS: Was blogging this here in PEN airport while I am waiting for checkin counter to open, lol..


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