Teow Chew Ming

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One local dining place that is tourist recommended is Teow Chew Ming Restoran located in Lorong Selamat in Georgetown Penang. We were also happy to know that they got…. Wifi! haha!


Nothing fancy, nothing stylish but only old, local restaurant.



To begin with, we ordered home-made seafood roll and fried prawn.

The home-made seafood roll is average, it does not really taste of seafood but just something fried, it would only yield a taste when you dip it in the matching chili sauce. Likewise, fried prawn is average – not good and not bad as well. I think the mixture is more of flour rather than ground shrimp.

The weather was humid but for some reason I wanted some porridge when I saw it from the menu. I ordered a Porridge with Pork and Fishball and I must say, this is something that I like. Compared to the porridge in Singapore which are usually a bit bland (personally), I quite like that hint of saltiness to this dish and the infusion of ginger and pork. It was really good.

Another order of us was the Home Specialty Fried Rice with shrimps, scallop, squid, Chinese sausage, corn and egg. This dish is yummy indeed!

For the drink, I got a Cucumber Coriander fresh fruit juice, which was really good and refreshing.

Teow Chew Ming is a good, simple, local restaurant with affordable price. Next time around, though, I would veer away from the fried small bites and go straight to their main dishes such as noodles and porridge.

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