Purrfect Cat Cafe

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We didn’t have any target eateries or cafes to try about in Penang but we just went by those that we chanced upon which seems interesting and must-try. While walking we passed by this cafe:

We went in to a two storey establishment which is all feline cuteness!

Sticky Notes Message Wall

Downstairs they sell accessories and things all of which are about cats.

The cafe has a good business strategy – order first before going upstairs. Upstairs is where the actual cafe and those feline friends are located. So, for you to get a sneak peak of what’s upstairs, pay first!

We were still full (a constant state of us in Penang lol) so we only ordered a bit where the main goal is to go upstairs :))

Peach Juice


Beef Pie

Peach juice tastes very artificial and uber sweet. I had to ask for a bit of cold water to balance it out. The beef pie is nothing but average and the crust is super hard you cannot even slice it with a fork. The parfait is quite ok but nothing special about it. They mentioned drinks and food are not allowed at the cat area, so we went in after.

Sleepy and Lazy
I’m the boss
Find Us… Meow!

I find that if one is not really into cats, this place is something you would visit only once. But of course, it fascinated me that we had the chance to visit this cafe slash art gallery that makes up the hip strip of Muntri street.

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