Yong Pin Restaurant

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I fancy a good ambiance to match good food and drinks but when there is an old or run-down establishment that happens to serve superb food, tested by time and is a guaranteed local favorite, then that’s a real hit. Penang is comprised of strips of old Chinese houses, coffee shops and eateries and while on our way to Penang Hill and starving for breakfast, we were lucky to pass by Yong Pin restaurant. The place was packed when we went it , we were seated outside on the pavement.

It was a struggle to order as most do not really speak English but we were lucky enough to be approached eventually by an auntie that can converse to us. So, we wasted no time and started pointing what we wanted.

Initially, we only ordered from the menu posted outside, we did not opt for the meals menu posted inside as it was written in Chinese.

Something steamed not baked

Eventually, as we were seated, uncles and aunties carrying a woven steamer basket and metal trays started coming in. With them were mouth watering dimsums!!

A feast to my eyes haha!
Pork Ribs!

A delicious coffee!

I am a sucker for good dimsum and I must say that the restaurant is a place that I will definitely come back to. All those siu-mai, har-kau are savory, tasty goodness. I loved the chinese sponge cake, the pau are equally good as well. Actually nothing is, not good, lol. So, once I come back to Penang, I will definitely have a dimsum binge again!

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