The Safe Room

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Exhausted from an afternoon of sauntering and as we were on our way to freshen up at the inn, we passed by The Safe Room. It was Sunday and most of the shops were closed and the place seemed to be one of the very few that were open within the strip. It being crowded, we decided to check out the place.

Inside is a hip and spacious cafe where group of friends can gather around, relax and have coffee.

Pardon the not so good shot…

I love these coffee cups…

We only ordered drinks and a snack…

Iced Chocolate
Nitrogen Popcorn

The lady at the counter was saying that the nitrogen popcorn melts in your mouth when eaten but actually there is nothing special with the popcorn, it was just your grocery popcorn with a nitrogen added. Well, it was just instagram worthy, lol. The affogato was not what I expected as it is more of the ice cream type and I didn’t even see any espresso liquid, so I had to wait for everything to melt before I could sip it up, else I should have just ordered for ice cream!

And oh, just to add, I looooveeee their toilet/washroom. I need to say this because, in Penang, I think a clean and “dry” toilet is very rare. So, I do appreciate the very lovely toilet of this cafe. Anyway, I could come back to this cafe and probably I must try the other items in their menu.

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