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We found a seemingly new dining place in Tampines One mall that was crowded and when we passed by, we got tempted to eat their waffles and pancakes, so we queued for about 13 mins. They have the Daily Special Meal treats so we opted to get the Lasagna meal and Pie meal which both came with drinks and soup.

Beef Lasagna
Lone Pie =))
Cappuccino and Latte

For the waffles, we got the Churro Treat Ala Mode which was comprised of Classic Waffle and one scoop of ice cream and we opted for vanilla. They had a promo when you order the regular serving, so we got another waffle with honey. We also ordered a Classic half waffle with one scoop of ice cream and an extra banana.

Classic waffle with banana and ice cream (half serving)

Classic waffle with honey (buy one take one item)
Churro Waffle with Cinnamon, chocolate syrup and Vanilla ice cream

We all find that the waffles were a little bland and would only yield a taste when you put a honey or cinnamon compared to other waffle places where the waffles are actually stand alone, meaning it can be eaten on itself and you would not want to top it with anything else. Everything was without a hint of sweetness. Even the ice cream could be a little sweeter to make it more enjoyable. Only good point with the waffle was that it was soft and freshly made.

The Lasagna was really good though, the pie was average and nothing to brag about. Their coffee brews were good.

Personally, I find that I can resort to other waffle places if I wanted that waffle that could suit my palate or a more delicious one.

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