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The iconic Big Ben and The Eye, I would believe that most would easily identify which country they are landmarks of, or rather, they are perhaps included on the list of many when the travel bug itches. I had long been wanting to visit the Royal City of London, a city which makes color red so regal and that which made red now my personal favourite.

Red Telephone Booth

I personally adore the telephone booths. For me, it is like an icon representing how people connected back then, not via wireless mobile phones or chat, but that times were you had to search all your pockets for coins, insert it in the machine and actually phone someone. And that time were you had to panic and find few more coins because your paid minutes were already running out… 🙂

The text in the ads says it.. yes, regent! Famous London Red Bus
St. Paul’s Cathedral London

A tourist attraction and a public area that was so crowded and right at a crossroad…. Trafalgar Square. If you are into people watching then this could be the spot for you.

Trafalgar Square

A principal symbol of monarchy of the United Kingdom, one’s trip to London would not be complete without a trip to The Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace

Right across the palace, we found these lovelies… and they were so beautiful!

Beautiful.. and they’re red.

Do you fancy Sherlock? I do! I am a huge fan! And so a visit to the Sherlock museum is a must!

The Sherlock Museum with a long queue of interested visitors

If you are an avid fan of Sherlock series (Oh yes, Benedict Cumberbatch), you would know Piccadily.

Crossing a pedestrian in Piccadilly, these screens can be seen in the opening of Sherlock series =)) yeah I’m a fan!

Other than actually visiting famous attractions of London, we also wandered through streets and alleyways within the city. And, I was fascinated by the rustic stone houses and cobblestones cinched at some of the streets and roads.

Just one empty, serene alley of London

Westminster Abbey! Who wouldn’t want to visit this famous place? The architecture is so sublime… awe inspiring, downright captivating.

Facade of Westminster Abbey
Capturing sections of Westminster Abbey
Capturing sections of Westminster Abbey

Are you a Harry Potter fan? I haven’t read the book though, but I surely adore the moviesss. So, platform 9 3/4, we went!

Let’s bump our heads into Platform 9 3/4!

Right beside is a merchandise shop of Harry Potter.. and the wands!!!

Expecto Patronum!

Heading back to the famous landmarks that make up the beautiful city of London…..

London Eye and Waterloo
I spy with the London Eye!

And the most iconic of them all, The Big Ben!

The Towering Big Ben
Enchanting Big Ben at night

We heard it from the famous nursery rhyme… London Bridge is falling down.. falling down, falling down. But this landmark is still standing and drawing visitors to its presence, like it did to us.

The London Bridge

That famous Abbey Road where you would see people queuing up and stopping at an actual road, halting passing cars, just to mimic that famous album cover photo by the Beatles – luckily, it seemed that most drivers who passed by were patient enough of those crazy visitors flocking at that road, we were!

Abbey Road

The city of London has a lot to offer to its visitors and there are many a ways on how to spend your vacation there. It is also a city that is so open to a melting pot of nationalities and I think this is the place where I found the most number of races be it city dwellers or visitors. Cafes, restaurants and of course, pubs also come abound and there are so much you can go to. I find that London is a place that I would definitely come back to.

Watch out for more posts about United Kingdom and soon, Scotland.

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