Feeling Christmasy….

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This year, I already thought and planned of not having to spend Christmas back home, reason being – it might be tough to book for confirmed air fare, it would be costly as you would be visited for sure by relatives and god children and whoever it is that you would only see come Christmas time, who would like to ask gifts from you and as this is a period of pure eating binge (like there’s no tomorrow and I’m trying, just trying not to eat a lot cos when I do, I won’t stop lol) because you have to gather around families and different group of friends. I went back home this weekend due to being SUPER DUPER bored (I am not a believer before of BOREDOM as I thought there is always something in the world that you can spend  your time with) but then, only here in Singapore have I experienced this kind of mental and physical state (entire day of lazing in bed, looking at the ceiling and plainly passing time doing nothing, because I also don’t feel like doing anything); spending time at the hometown, at this season lifted my spirits up and gave me this seemingly same old brand new energy that I needed to carry on further in working abroad. Yes, in working abroad, more so a culture and environment that are totally different both in a negative and positive sense of the word,  could give you bouts and bouts of loneliness, never an extreme feeling of happiness and usually just a normal state called “steady”. Hometown could be crowded and messy and is uber traffic jam everywhere especially at this season but the way malls are decorated in reds and greens and Christmas trees standing proudly at home, offices, parks.. just everywhere – dwarfy ones, towering ones in white, maple or the usual forest green, are uplifting and give that instant joy at the heart. Daily noise pollution has faded a bit because of Christmas carols playing wherever you go and the shopping rush (always in a rush for good finds), spending your money down to a dime for friends and family because you wanted to make them happy on Christmas eve. Christmas parties – some may start as early as now, restaurant promotions for this season are usually already offered. Side streets and church vicinities now smell of freshly baked “bibingkas” and “puto bumbong” – the smoke coming out of those seemingly decrepit stoves filling your nostrils as you pass by. One thing has proven me 200% true, people back home could be happy even by the simplest things around – you would see real smiles and laughter everywhere. It could be messy, but hey it’s happy. So I guess, there is truly nothing more important than spending time with the people that matters to you, as they say, this season is all about giving and sharing, and so I will….

Advance happy Christmas to all 🙂

Sparkling, Serene Christmas Tree (source: devianart.net)

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