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While the sib and mom were busy trying out sunglasses at one of the stalls in the mall, I chanced upon Custaroonery right beside the said sunglasses shop. I was attracted by the stall theme which is teal/mint green in color with shabby chic accessories and boxes with damask design in a teal/mint green color. Being a sort-of-a-foodie, I approached this seemingly new stall, asked some bit of details to the storekeeper and finally, bought some to try.

Drooling over the display

I ordered for a combination of both original and cheese. I was fascinated by their box which is very presentable such that it is very nice to hand it to someone especially on holidays!

Elegant, presentable packaging

What can I say about these goodies? Oh my, they’re sublime, heavenly! I find that it is not too sweet, it is chewy and soft, it is really mouth watering! One thing though, I cannot differentiate the taste between original and cheese.

Heavenly babies
the mini version

And one more good thing about it? It is affordable, a box would cost only around PHP 210 if I am not mistaken (roughly SGD 6.00). When I get back home, I will find it again for sure. šŸ™‚

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