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We were strolling along Chijmes in City Hall in search of a sumptuous dinner to fill up our hungry tummies pre-drinking session. We found that there is a strip that is mostly Japanese and got interested by one which displays “commitment to providing cuisines good for your health and beauty”.

“Japanese Healthy Dining”

We learned that the restaurant is using traditional Japanese seasonings that have its corresponding benefits to health and beauty. For example, they are using rice malt which relieves fatigue and has anti ageing benefits and capsicum which they call the “friend of beauty” since it is good to burn body fats and promote health.

We basically just wanted to try out some items in their list; we still had to do some munching in our next stops.

Kurobuta Pork Shabu-Shabu Salad with Sesame Dressing

I love Kurobuta Pork, I find that whenever I see it in a Japanese menu, I usually tend to order it. The pork is succulent, the greens crunchy and the sesame dressing is generally nice.


Okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake with a Spicy Cod Roe sauce, is something that I actually didn’t like in this dinner. I have eaten several Okonomiyaki and this one I guess failed me. The sauce is too acidic and sweet and with the pancake itself, you can still somehow taste the flour, something like a raw batter. eekk..

Fried Rice with Crab Meat

The fried rice is tasty, with the right saltiness to it and the crab is deliciously infused. The rice itself is fried well too.

I must say the next orders are something that I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever resist. Both are good but the broiled salmon stood out the best for me!

Takujyou Aburi Sa-mon

By broiling the salmon, as in the photo above, the fat on the surface is turned into a rich flavour, giving it that distinct fragrance and taste. And broiling is done on your table. 🙂 It’s superb.

Voila! The broiled Salmon!
Aburi Sa-mon Ikura Nose

The broiled salmon sushi is equally delectable especially it is topped with Roe that pops in your mouth altogether. Yumm..

Overall, Shirokiya is a good, normal Japanese restaurant silently tucked along the restaurant strips within Chijmes. However, I find that there are other better Japanese food places that could top on it, especially the price is not in those too affordable ones.

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