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If you ask Penang to almost all locals in Singapore, only one word will come out: Food! And of course, that word rings LOUD bells to my ear, lol. So a weekender to this town, we thought, would be a lovely and yummy idea.

An hour away to the very urban Singapore, is an old, small town usually referred to as Pinang. The airport tagged as international is a tiny but orderly one. One can take bus 401 and 401E to Komtar which is the central bus station in the town or take teksi which would cost around 35-40 MYR. We didn’t realize that people can board and get off on any points along the way so we mistakenly alighted at the first stop when a lady hit the stop alarm (we were thinking to go to Snake temple which they say is only one stop away from the airport). Thus, we had to hail a cab to go to town (bus driver should have told us the stop was not there yet when we actually asked and paid for that specific stop to him).

Most alleys and streets are one way so the cab will have to take a bit of a longer route just to get to the destination, ours was our hotel of course: The Inn Residence located at Lebuh Cintra. It is a cheap inn but a very clean and good one (recommended). We didn’t waste any time and right after checking in and leaving our backpacks, we hit the streets to start exploring Penang.

Kimberly Street / Near Cintra
The Mansion
Beachfront at The Mansion

The Mansion seems to be a posh restaurant with a very relaxing beach front. There is a cafe / bar facing the serene beach where people can just spend the day chilling out with friends or family while having some tidbits. We also paid to go on a tour to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, also called The Blue Mansion who was owned by a powerful Chinese businessman / Nanyang Industrialist / First Class Mandarin. The tour was a bit of a downer for me. When we stop to a specific portion within the house, the guide, rather than just explaining the house per se, also included a long discussion to Chinese cultures and traditions, so we decided to go ahead with the rest of the mansion to take photos but there was actually very limited areas to where you could walk about as some are private rooms and locked doors.

Visiting The Blue Mansion

We continued with our walk and we found that Penang is comprised of many small businesses that are within old houses.

Small Eatery
Failed Attempt as Master Wong is a no show =))

We also went to The Camera Museum located beside The Purrfect Cat Cafe. We had to pay for the entrance.

Lights. Camera. Action.
Black And White

Below are famous photos. I like this area right here.

Pardon my blurry shots… =))

Continuing on with our walk, we made stops to take few photos such as below:

The lovely sight of postcards
and drop them here

“do you wanna ride my bicycle?”
Completely, run down
Art Gallery / Thrift Shop
.. and oh, a performing studio

And next, one highlight of this trip personally, is the trip to Penang Hill. Even before, I already wanted to get there to be able to board the monorail train which I usually see in magazines. And because I am a sucker for train rides! 

On A Hill

And there were also the Love Locks!

As it was on the way, we decided to go to Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple. I think they are currently building a new passage way to the temple so for the meantime we had to pass by a very unappealing and dirty covered alleyway going to the top where some stores are also situated.

On our way….


Going back to Georgetown….

We stopped by the Clan Jetties which are very old wooden houses on stilts where some still even have their small businesses selling sodas, candies and other tid bits. It was quite nice sauntering through the alleyways and checking what was in store for us.

“Life in Technicolor”

I am also a sucker for jetties…

In addition, we also went to one Penang tourist highlight which is the Georgetown street arts which I will post in a separate blog soon, watch out. 🙂 You may notice that I haven’t included anything about food here, please feel free to browse through the Food Spotting section for specifics about this topic, of course, Penang would not be complete without food. 🙂

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