Portobello Market

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When travelling, I usually try to veer away from the malls unless I would buy something specifically cheap in that country. Rather, being a sucker for street markets, I often include famous markets in an itinerary. Given that, on a trip to London, a visit to the famous and long standing Portobello Market is definitely a must!

The history of Portobello Market goes all the way from the Victorian era, that means, it originated since more or less 1850s! Imagine how this market stands the test of time and has been passed on from generations to generations. Presently, locals and visitors still flock the said market, we did! This is located in Nottinghill district of Kensington in West London, oh yes, that district that got famous because of Julia Roberts’ movie – who wouldn’t know?

The movie Bookstore!

Right from the starting point, it already gave me that feeling of excitement to wander through the streets and alleyways. One could already savour the vibrant feel – don’t mind the crowd though, it’s busyness is the beauty of it.

Drooling over the display of Pizza
Souvenir shops fill up the streets

It was quite gloomy and chilly when we arrived at the place.

Gloomy, chilly weather

Rustic, cobblestone houses that I find very English make up the road sides.

Wandering through

Portobello market is home to antiques and second hand items, vintagey ones. So if you are a collector, then this could be a haven for you. I love the items in the photo below, I find it nice when they use the London buses and photo booths imprinted on the items. It makes it very regal and it makes it perfect souvenirs.

Thrift Shops!

The more that I liked so many stuffs, the more that I didn’t buy anything at all! =))

Souvenirs, anyone?

I was fascinated by how the road curves gracefully, and with festive looking, colorful houses occupying the street sides. Indeed, this place exudes an energetic feel to it.


Colorful houses lining up the street
Local and visitors, busy wandering
Energetic.. Vibrant!
The seller and the things

I am a big fan of music that originated in UK. I find that they are real artists who soulfully creates good and soothing music. Nevermind that the band or artist is not so popular, well for me, the more indie it is, the better. 🙂 And in this trip, we found musicians along the streets showcasing their talents, and it was great.

Music.. UK scene

Vintage… Antiques.. Collectibles

And one best thing about street markets?….. Food, of course! =))

In UK, cafes would not go missing in the scene

Fresh Produce

Cheese and sauces


And one staple that England is known for? …. Breads!!

There were just so many food that you can find, and it will make you feel like you just want to get hold of everything.

Pies and Tarts
Pickles, Feta, Olives….

And there were also beautiful flowers….


And that, my friends, is the Portobello Market scene. I will definitely come back again on my next trip, which I am hoping soon! =))

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