Pisco South American Restaurant

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Located in Resorts World Sentosa, a seemingly new restaurant tickles our interest as it offers South American food! Something that you can find rarely in SG, we decided to give it a try. Anyway, I was craving for some burrito and quesadillas!

One thing that I like about the place is the vibrant ambience and that it is spacious. Colorful ceiling lampshades and chairs give the place  a lively feel.

Cheerful vibe!

Hungry that we were, we wasted no time in placing our orders. Each of us had our own selection and so we decided to choose what we wanted and bring it on the table to share.

Minced Beef Burrito

I am a burrito fan especially if you fill it with beef! For this one though, I find it just average as I really did not like the way it was too toasted, it became more like a quesadilla for me.


Their quesadilla is a tortilla of guacamole, jalapeño, onion and melted cheese. This one is quite good and palatable.

Pork Rib Confit with Black Currant

Oh the Pork Ribs! I liked it as it is cooked tenderly, leaving the bones so easily. Especially, I love the sauce that they drizzle on the top, something unique to be paired with this dish.

Pisco Special Sauces!

I love good skewers especially if it’s marinated and barbecued to perfection. For this set, we ordered Pork Sausages, Salmon and Chicken leg skewers. They are paired up with equally good sauces: Mint Salsa, Salsa Criolla and Amarillo Chili. All of the skewers are succulent, marinated well – I must say, juicy and delicious. For the sauces, my favorite  of all is the Amarillo Chili and I am not really a fan of something minty when it comes to food so I didn’t really take much of the Mint Salsa. The Salsa Criolla is incorporated well with olive oil and with good mixture of tomatoes and onions, it is delectable as well.


Freshly cooked Churros paired with a ‘ol good chocolate, I couldn’t resist! Talk about Spanish food and Churros is one of my favourite in the list. I could still remember Dulcinea churros from back home, oh my! Pisco’s one is comforting and good but I find that it is a bit oily and light, I usually expected a dense churros. Nonetheless, should I be back here, I would definitely order it again. 🙂

Overall, Pisco is your average food joint but could be a go-to if one is craving mexican/peruvian/chilean food, well personally, only given that you are around the vicinity because I wouldn’t travel all the way to Sentosa to eat in Pisco. Nonetheless, the place is generally nice and comforting.

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    lizatalavera said:
    February 18, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    Love the interior!!!


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