Cafe Carmencita

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More than a good brew, I’m an avid fan of unique, quaint, or cozy cafes. I am fascinated by how these cafe owners spent their efforts on designs just to tickle customers’ fascination or give that soothing coffee experience. Tagaytay, being a tourist place and being a highland that it is, boasts of many coffee shops where friends and families can hangout while sipping a hot brew on a crisp weather. In addition to it being my go to place for some r&r, comforting food and piping hot, delicious coffee are also a must. On one day out, my attention was caught by this charmingly, beautiful house that exudes a somewhat Spanish style design. And to my fascination, it turns out to be a cafe. From the look of it, it seemed like a house converted into a coffee shop. And so, given that it was something that we haven’t tried yet, we took a turn and went in.

Entrance to the cafe

Going inside, one would feel that you are going to dine in homestyle. Long, open windows encompass most of the walls and doors are sliding ones which I find very appealing – I love wooden, sliding doors and long windows. 🙂

As part of their home deco, they made use of old, some are b/w photographs which match perfectly well with the house style.


We’ve placed our orders and most of us opted for pasta.

Seafood Pasta: Shrimps and Squids infused with basil and olive oil
Lasagna (with local mozarella)
Beef Stroganoff: Beef and Shitake Mushrooms!

Although my personal order was the Beef Stroganoff, I’ve managed to get a taste of all the pasta orders. I must say that all of them suited my palate except for the Carbonara which was average and nothing special, but I do really liked the Stroganoff with its succulent beef and mushrooms smothered into it. The lasagna was also equally good, well I love cheese, and the one that they’ve used here which they indicated as being “local” was really a delectable one.

Clubhouse Sandwich: Shredded chicken, bacon, egg on wheat bread and some fries.

Nothing special about the clubhouse sandwich, just an average one. Hmm, maybe they could somehow make the fries different? Say, infuse it with some truffle oil or garnish it a bit with parmesano? Just my thought. 🙂


I am a fan of Batangas coffee or kapeng Barako and so I wouldn’t say that I didn’t enjoy my cuppa, cos I definitely did!

Carrot Cake

We were already full so we only ordered for a slice of carrot cake. The slice was a very generous serving which I think is really a good selling point. I actually liked the frosting as it was not too sweet nor sour for a cream cheese, the cake itself was not too moist nor dry, it was ok. 🙂

Cafe Carmencita being near to our Tagaytay house would now be one go to place for some relaxing afternoon. I also love the exterior where groups can sit down and enjoy the afternoon. You can just choose your preferred spot to enjoy with your hot cup of deliciously brewed local coffee. 🙂

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