Porn’s Sexy Thai Food

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Don’t dirty your thoughts… I will be talking about Thai food here, nothing else. 😛

Bugis, being our frequent hangout for some good food and beer, we usually pass by Porn’s Thai Food. Thus, on one occasion, we went on and gave it a try, since we are an avid fan of Thai food. Nom nom nom…

Porn’s Sexy Thai Food shop is opened by Pornsak Prajakwit who is a Thai media personality but appears on Singapore’s TV scene as well.

I actually went in for two occasions already but since I don’t have any photos of the first visit, I will just be tackling my most recent one.

Wall Art – I like the piggy butt =))

And so the food…..

“Crispi Tofu”

The crispy tofu is your melt-in-the-mouth-goodness tofu. I love how it is very crispy on the outside but silky soft on the inside. The sauce is equally nice as well.

Tom Yum Chicken

The Tom Yum chicken is something different and good, although I can’t really distinguish the sauce as being Tom Yum, I still love the flavour that it yields. It is cooked well too.

Crispy KangKong
Kang Kong Sauce

The Crispy Kang Kong is very oily although it is good to munch. However, we find the dipping sauce very nice. While we were eating, we were figuring out what is it made of and we thought it tastes more like salsa + coconut milk. Anyway, it is really good.

On the previous visit, I was also able to try this garlicky chicken that they have as well as the chicken curry. Both are good as well. We also ordered Thai Iced Tea on both visits and of course, the drink is soothing and filling for me (I’m a fan of Thai Iced Tea).

Overall, Porn’s is a place that I can say I can go back to should I be in Bugis.

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