Kcook Korean BBQ Buffet

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I find enjoyment in food places that combine both good food and good ambience. Expect that I will come back to it if these two come hand in hand. Being a lover of meat that we are, together with my friends, we headed to K.Cook Korean BBQ resto on one dinner out. We saw that it always appear when you search for “Best Korean BBQ in Singapore”, add to that that reviews usually mention its value for money.

It is located on the 7th floor of Orchard Central and I find that their location is a very good one as it has that open space, overlooking the city and a laid back setting where friends can just gather around. Apparently though, we got the table near to the buffet area which is in an enclosed one. On the bright side, we had good access to the food, mwahaha.

I did not manage to take many photos of the buffet table but more or less here they are. I find that they have a wide variety of meat and covers all of chicken, pork and beef. They also have good choices for seafood and vegetables. For the cooked food, they also have Jap Chae, Korean pancakes, grilled pork with some sauce and so much more.

We also grabbed HIIT beer which is a korean one and our first time to try. It is light, just right to pair up with meat.

 Overall, we enjoyed our dinner stuffing ourselves up with well marinated meats. We will definitely come back for more rounds.

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