Oppa Gang Nam Style

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There are occasions when I crave to indulge myself in a certain cuisine and right when I got back home from Singapore, I was looking for a Korean BBQ restaurant. This was also something that my parents haven’t actually tried yet. From the airport we went around to find any Korean BBQ place nearby but there was a scarcity of it from around the vicinity and so we just decided to head off to Harbour Square in Manila for our dinner. Lucky me, there is a Korean BBQ resto called Gang Nam style at the second floor of one of the enclaves. I was then giddy to try.

We entered the place which was dimly lit and our initial reaction was, it was too hot in the resto. I think their a/c was not enough to cool off the place due to the smoke from most of the tables.

As with most BBQ restos, the tables are setup with adjustable chimney like pipes right above the grills.

When I got the menu, my reaction was that the prices are very expensive. I guess I am comparing the prices to those BBQ buffet in Singapore where you just pay roughly 600-1000 pesos for an eat-all-you-can, limitless meat indulging feast. As for this, you have to order a meat plate which I think is not even 400 grams. We opted for the Sangyeopsal (Grilled Pork Belly) which costs PHP 270.00 and Gochojang Sangyeopsal (Red Pepper Paste Pork Belly) for PHP 280.00.

The BBQ came in with three different types of preserved vegetables and pickles which I actually liked. In addition, they also served bits and pieces of vegetables on a wooden tray which I find unappealing and not a generous serving.

Sad looking veggies

We also ordered for a hotpot of beef soup and Jap Chae. Both of which I find good tasting and sumptuous.

Going back to the BBQ, when we were done cooking with it, I find that the meats were not at all tasty. Not until you dip it in their sauces would it only yield tastes. I think they could still improve on their marinade given the price of the meat platters.

Overall, I think it will be very unlikely that I’ll go back to Gang Nam style, I could maybe just look for other places or maybe Seoul Garden which has good value for money.

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