Warung Mina Seminyak

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In most of my trips to some parts of Indonesia, I must say that food is the least that I enjoyed. I am not sure if it was my lack of thorough research of “best food places” in Indo or that no one has actually suggested a very good place to eat. In my recent trip to Bali, I actually thought of bringing some snacks or instant noodles as I was cautious of not having to enjoy food in Indonesia. But then I thought, maybe I could give it some benefit of the doubt.

The first food stop that we had in Bali was a suggestion of the tour driver. It is called Warung Mina, which is located in Seminyak. The setup is small clusters of huts standing on stilts which is something similar to restaurants in some provinces back home in the Philippines.

In our group, all of us just ordered either the Nasi Goreng, Mie Kuah or the Mie Goreng – something quick we thought, for our famished selves.

Nasi Goreng
Mie Goreng
Mie Kuah 

I have to say – I love the food! All of the dishes were just right for my palate. Nothing failed me and my growling tummy of course. I was happy with the food. 🙂 And oh, I also like how the servers dress up – traditional style.

I can then say, that the next time I visit Bali, I wouldn’t hesitate coming back here in Warung Mina.

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