A Train Ride Dialogue

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Groupthink.”

Write a post that includes dialogue between two people — other than you. (For more of a challenge, try three or more people.)

I will take a photo of you in it, perhaps, just a memoir, an addition to one of those train rides you love doing. Only this time it’s different, autumn foilage rather that your usual European winter rail rides…

Amazing isn’t it? Experiencing train rides on all the four seasons. 

Absolutely. Some things are worth enjoying by just being hooked up on your seat. 

Yes. The gorge is quite astounding. I am anticipating what kind of village life there is at the end of the rail. 

Imagine hearing the engines of the train halting, everyday. Then in a couple of hours, hearing it wheeze to life, back up again. 

Train village. Sounds interesting to me. I get engulfed with delight, with all these train rides. Ahhh, train rides, I couldn’t wait for the next one though. Maybe onboard the Flam Railway or the Glacier Express. 🙂 

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