The Rock Bar

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The sound of the waves, the saltiness in the air and the pleasant breeze brushing through my face, beautiful sunset – these are why the sea is such a wonderful place for me, that which instantly brings in peace and uplifts my spirits. So what if, you have that astonishing sea in front of you while you are on a cliff, in an astounding bar, drinking your cosmopolitan, nibbling on some truffle fries (my fave by the way) and chattering with people close to you?

This picture is how it was in The Rock Bar, Ayana Resort in Jimbaran, Bali. 🙂

Long queue
Waiting for our turn
View from top – just a portion of the bar
Off the monorail go…

The scenery when we got to the bar is amazing. The sun was very striking though, it was too bright. So they had to hand out umbrellas and place it on your table.

We did not wait any longer to place our orders – mostly drinks for us. We were still full from previous meal but we still wanted to get ourselves some nibbles.

To tell you, this is where I’ve tried the best margarita ever!!! It is the Frozen Jose Cuervo Lychee Margarita. I think we did few, repeating orders of it – it was just so sublime! The other drinks were nice as well, but this one stood out for us!

View at night was equally glorious…

Definitely, when back in Bali I will give it a visit again and enjoy myself with the favorite lychee margarita… oh my, yumm!

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One thought on “The Rock Bar

    anna said:
    July 2, 2015 at 1:46 am

    sama ko if balik kayo.. haha beaach


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