Shabu Shabu on Ya-Sai

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I have already been here on two occassions and both of which I was truly satisfied so I thought I cannot pass up time not blogging about it. A good steamboat, one that has superb soup broth is something that I get excited and happy about. And so this one, guaranteed me that gastronomic delight that the foodie in me is always on the look out for.

We got the buffet that includes all meat except Wagyu as it is the most expensive and we thought that we already have the beef so it would be sufficient. We opted for my favorite Golden Truffle Soup and the Sukiyaki Soup.  You can get as many of the above selections to go with your soup. 

Gahhh I forgot the name of this one below, but it is definitely one of my favorite! It is minced chicken with some herbs and seasoning which I find really succulent.

I am an avid fan of truffle, I love anything cooked with Truffle and so everytime I visit the place, I always make sure to order the Truffle soup. It is very hearty and filling. The sukiyaki soup is nice too but I am not really into sweet side of food. But I think, most would love this one.  Mmmmmmm those meats!

Below is mozzarella cheese and this is the first time I encountered this cheese being put into steamboat soup. Quite different but it was nice. You have to melt it right on the ladle, and submerge that ladle into that soup. A word of caution though, when it melts, do not take everything in your mouth! lol.. I guess I choked up a bit when I did that, it went sticking through my throat and I wanted to vomit haha. (Foodie imparting her experience here)

In addition to the meats, we also got ourselves some seafood. At the end of the meal, they would make you a risotto from the soup that you’ve used, I have tried it during my first visit. They would cook it on the table for you. On this second time though, we were to full so we decided to pass. Of course, last would be the dessert. I like the grinded sesame/peanut that they use on the ice cream and mochi. They were all nice.  Shabu Shabu on Ya-Sai may seem to be on the exy side, but I guarantee it is worth visiting and worth the money.

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