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Lush tropical scene awaits you at the resort
Just one enclave where all the rooms are

I spent my 30th birthday in Bali specifically an overnight stay at The Royal Beach Bali Seminyak. We were initially at a villa but we decided to spend a day at a resort hotel. It was a very good decision I can say, as we got to enjoy swimming and lounging to bigger and open air pool.

Beachfront swimming pool

The hotel’s ambience depicts traditional Javanese combined with zen style which brags a haven for relaxation, a bit farther from the usual crowded, tourist area of Seminyak. It faces the beach so one can laze around or sun bathe on the sand. There are two swimming pools as well and we enjoyed the one that is not facing the sea but is more or less at the middle of the vicinity and is less crowded. Well, we got it all to ourselves the time we dipped in.

That pool that is perched quietly and hidden

Massage nook by the pool

Breakfast buffet sits at one of the resto bar which faces the beach which makes for an easy, relaxing and sumptuous morning meal.


I enjoyed walking around the resort as it is refreshing and relaxing where you can just think of nothing else but to rest your self up. It is very inviting – to indulge your mind whilst looking through tropical gardens and the warm feel of Balinese ambience.

Pathway leading to beautiful villas

Oh, the room that we got is quite nice as well. We got the one with the balcony, almost facing the beachfront enclave.

I find that whenever I could be in Bali, maybe in a not so distant future, I prefer to stay in resort hotels rather than villas. Unless, of course, you wanted an intimate place for a family bonding or romantic getaways. I find that in a resort, more so something like The Royal Beach Bali, I tend to enjoy more of the sunny, outdoor atmosphere. Well, that is what summer’s supposed to be right? Out in the sun, basking and walking and savouring the sea and breeze. I’ll definitely be back 🙂

Welcome drinks at Capri Bar

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