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That’s right, hide and seek with the famous Georgetown street arts! When in Penang, you cannot pass up a chance to not find these innocuous, fanciful painted art works depicting, I would say, the local life. Only that, finding them are really a fun challenge, factor in the afternoon heat and fidgeting with the maps to locate them. We may not be able to find all of it, but we did manage to find a good number of it!

The Boy On A Chair was the challenging of all. Me and the sib were already quarrelling as to where it could be since we were actually already standing on that avenue where it is said to be but we still could not find it. Apparently, a cafe business is already put up around it (smart eh) so it was really difficult finding it.

Tadah! This is that business :))
The cafe where the “Boy On A Chair” is located

Some of these painted arts were crowded and so it was really a pain shooting it at a very good angle, also considering the fact that we were standing on a functioning road while trying to take photos! So pardon my misalignment! LOL

Kids On A Bike
Giant Cat
Cat and Lucky Cats

For some reasons, below is my favorite of all!

And some more art works…

Bruce Lee? And a flying cat!

Below is supposed to be a little boy with a pet dragon, but somehow the pet dragon maybe has grown its wings, flew and is now still flying in the clouds. =))

Oh!! I think I spoke to soon, here is another favourite of mine!

And the street art is pretty much updated… Minion!


That’s about it, what we’ve managed to capture with our blood and sweat lol! Kidding, it was only sweat! =)) Do check my other blog posts for more about Penang. You may find it under Travels > Malaysia. Enjoy! 🙂

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