Ninethirty By Awfully Chocolate

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I am not a fan of Awfully Chocolate desserts in Singapore, I find that it is overrated and ordinary and really pricey, most especially their most hailed chocolate cake. I find that it is very similar to the cheapo Goldilocks cake roll back home. :)) But, I have passed by an Awfully Chocolate restaurant in Katong for a number of times and I wondered what food do they offer. And to add that their location is quite strategic – perched on a corner by the main road, on a lane of several cafes and bars. Oh, may I say that I cultivated this addiction towards Truffles Fries recently? Gahhhh, I think I have been eating twice in a week once I find a good restaurant rave about that nibble. On most sites, they mention Awfully Chocolate as having one of the good truffle fries out there. So I can’t pass that up. =P Me and my friend went ahead as she had not been in the area yet.

The interior is modern, minimalistic type. With bare concrete floors and browns and off whites overall. It yields a mellow and homely ambience where friends can audibly and heartily chatter away.

Both of us decided to take the table by the window which gave away a bit of light compared to going further in which I find very dimly lit.

Of course, first order of business.. Truffle Fries! We nibbled away once it came in and we really found it delish! I must say that it suited my truffle yearning palate and it could go into my list of the  best truffle fries in Singapore. The serving, not to mention, is also money worthy. As it was dinner, we also ordered some food.

As I cannot take much meat for now, I decided to go for the salmon. The salmon itself was succulently cooked but the sauce was very heavy, filling, and overpowering, like in a couple of spoonfuls, you would want to already stop eating. Even the salmon glaze was something that I cannot understand – it was a bit sweet, tangy – I don’t know. I don’t think I will ever order that again. My friend got some pork chop and it was a thick chop, lol! They could have sliced it a bit thinner so the flavour cuts through the meat. Though I did not try it, she find it average.

Their drinks were average and we find that the serving was not very generous. We cackled when my friend’s lychee drink came in as the glass size was really tiny. LOL

Overall, I think I can come back to Ninethirty and order their fries again and maybe try out their other meals.

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