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I fancy cafes and bars with ambient light, relaxing vibe and non blaring but good selection of music, where people just sit down comfortably. I think now, I can’t really stand staying at a place with boisterous tugsshh tugsshh, where people need to shout it out to talk to their friends and worse, guys trying to flirt and accompany you. Ugh. I get stressed that way. lol. A coffeeholic that I am, I am always on the look out for cafes that come hiding and yet to be discovered. Not those mainstream ones where the crowd usually go.

Symmetry, I would say, gives you all that vibe. A cafe and bar synthesis, a real plus factor for me.

Symmetry is also popular because of their Truffle Fries. If you followed me on my previous posts, Truffle Fries is something that I am addicted to currently. And it didn’t fail me, I actually like their fries plus the matching truffle sauce that comes with it.

Truffle Fries & Truffle Sauce
Chorizo & Octopus

Chorizo & Octopus does not yield much of the Chorizo taste. I actually thought that the Chorizo would somehow be infused when you take a bite of the Octopus or the potato balls, but it did not. There was also more potatoes than either the Chorizo or the Octopus. But the sauce, though, was quite good.

Crispy Chicken & Seaweed

Crispy Chicken was really cooked nicely, it was tender and really crispy and I personally think the marinade, if they used any, tasted pretty well. The orange sauce that was drizzled over the chicken cuts was equally good too. However, we really did not think that it was seaweed that were fried and placed on top. We thought it was more like a wanton wrapper, or some sort of wrapper similar to the one they use on a vietnamese spring roll.

They also have milkshakes. The Nectar was really nice as well as the Banana & chocolate milkshake. They were not too sweet and did not taste artificial.

Symmetry is something that I can visit next time, only that when you take train, it entails some bit of a walk. Still, I recommend the place for soothing food and drinks and a venue to talk.

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