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Ok since I am now blogging “living and lifestyle” topics in Singapore, I would now go beyond the usual cafes and restaurants that were an imperative topic for me to blog. In that light, expect me to now share anything under the sun when it comes to Singy. šŸ˜€ Now, there is this 2 dollar (100 yen in Japan) store that is I think relatively new store in Changi City Point. I noticed that because the entrance boasts of quaint and cute items on display, so I went in. A bit of difference to Daiso is that they sell some items for more than 2 dollars as well.

The giddy me went in to check out the stuffs and see if there is anything I can pay and pocket home. lol.

These cutleries on the foreground of the photo are what I found when I was walking in Benh Thanh market in Saigon, Vietnam. And they are selling it so expensively! Now, I got excited when I saw these selling for only 2 bucks, hah!

They’ve also got these rustic, wooden coasters and spoons and mugs that are so nice.

Baking stuff! They also sell them and I find that they’ve got a wider variety than Daiso, for most of your baking needs.

A japanese shop like this, cannot, of course, exclude cosmetic stuffs!

Fancy them hooks!

I like these matching bathroom stuffs. Oh, in addition to the photos I took here, they also have food and stationeries. As for me, I bought a floral make up kit, and a much needed fruit knife and cutting board. šŸ˜›

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