“Fill Pill”

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Red Pill, Blue Pill.”

Funny how just a while ago, I saw an article about people leaning towards the healthier side of things when one gets to the age of 30. Ok, not hiding my age here anymore, I am in my 3-0. That article is indeed a factual one, as I personally feel that too – the need to stay healthy by pushing yourself to eat right, exercise regularly and in my case, take supplements. I lack fiber in my diet and as part of my daily routine now and as part of preventing all the previous sicknesssss, I now incorporate it – be it a pill or the natural way – greens and beans. This, in addition to all the others that I take – multivitamins, a spoonful of pure manuka honey first thing in the morning plus those that try to target my “weak” areas e.g. urinary tract supplements etc. So a pill that includes everything? Why not! I would probably go for it with the consideration, of course, that there would be no negative health side effects. 😛 And I hope this pill is customizable, depending on your nutritional need at the moment. Sounds nice right? 😀

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