Black Ball

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I wouldn’t be talking about Billiards here but rather one Taiwanese dessert shop that has been sitting for quite a long time in Tampines One and that which I only paid attention to recently. Since, I am not really into sweet treats, this would be a very special moment that I got interested in such, lol. What caught my attention was the ingredients that you can put in your dessert such as kidney beans and sweet potato, both of which I am currently trying to incorporate in my diet. So I went. They have an option for you to customize your dessert bowl, which I fancy.


I got the cold version and asked to put in kidney beans, grass jelly, black sesame balls and sweet potato balls plus a bit of pudding. They would also give out a small creamer that you can add onto your dessert bowl.

My verdict? It was refreshing and delicious! Mixing them all up and taking a spoonful was very enjoyable as it was really delectable, that I managed to finish all of it. Very rare for me to do that for a dessert. On my second visit, I decided to try the Taro Smoothie. Oh my, it was equally nice too. But, I had to wait for about 20 mins so that I could enjoy sipping it more since when they hand it to you, the ice was still really hard that it would not pass through quickly in the straw.

I would recommend trying out this seemingly healthy and refreshing treat. 🙂

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