Nunsongyee Korean Bingsu

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For some reason, I was craving for a shaven ice dessert. Whatever it could be as long as there was shaven ice. Hence, the foodie in me decided to research for one and I was mostly hitting this Korean dessert called Bingsu that is making waves now in the Singapore food scene. One of the best that always comes up is Nunsongyee and so I wasted no time. lol.

The dessert cafe

The location is very inaccessible, tucked hidden in Burghley Drive. One has to take either a cab or a car to be able to get there. Although, on my recent trip to Bugis, I saw that they are putting up one there, whew! The place itself is very spacious but the music is blaring with korean songs that you cannot hear people’s chatters.

I ordered their Black Sesame Bingsu which is part of their Premium ones. I was surprised to see it priced at 18.90 but I thought, I had to give it a try.

The best part of this dessert? The ice! It was really snowy! That type that you would see and feel with a real snow. It’s not those typical ones that you see in Singapore’s Kachang or Philippines’ Halo Halo, but it was really the fine type! Fine and milky I must say. The taste was superb, it was refreshing and mouth watering. Not to mention, the serving was really generous too. I think, it would be most perfect for two.

Cinnamon Toast

I was a bit famished, so I decided to order a toast, which was Cinnamon. The price is 9.90 and it was the most expensive normal looking and normal tasting toast that I have tried in my entire existence. There was nothing really to brag about it, it was plain and sweet.

Cappuccino is priced at 5.90. The brew was average, nothing more to it. So, would I suggest going here? I can say yes, but personally I will go on rare occasions. And if I do, I would definitely just order their Bingsu and nothing else.

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