Seafood & Dou Miao

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I love a well cooked Dou Miao, one that is crunchy, yet a bit soft. I first tried it in 3 eggs soup in some Chinese restaurants and I loved it from the start. As I also love cooking mussels, I thought why not try to include some Dou Miao into it, maybe the taste will be good. Back home, the way we cook mussels is we basically just sautee it in garlic and onions and a bit of ginger with some fish sauce. This time, as I often have the habit of exploring a dish, I tried to include Dou Miao and coconut milk. To modify further, in my latest cooking, I decided to add in some fish fillets and shrimps.

If you read through my previous posts, I basically explore and I don’t measure when I cook. So I cannot really put up specific amount of my ingredients, lol. I also made a dipping sauce, thai-like, to balance out the coconut flavor so it would not be too filling and overpowering when you eat the mussels together with the coco soup.

I served this dish on many occasions to family and friends and I asked them to tell the truth and don’t lie to entertain me, haha! Well, they said it was quite nice and they would love having it again. So when they request, I normally give in and cook this, as it is also a very quick dish.

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