Stir Fried Chicken & Kale

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Eating outside could take its toll on me some times, it’s like not having the desire to eat anymore knowing it would be the same type of dishes in the hawker stalls. In my attempt to be back to cooking and preparing everything from scratch, I cooked a simple dish tonight but one that includes healthy Kale and some chicken breasts cuts.  It is absolutely pleasing to know each and every bit of item that goes into the food. 

I basically stir fried the chicken breasts cuts in garlic, ginger and onions plus threw in some of my ever favorite cilantro, added the kale and seasoned with fish sauce to yield a somehow asian taste and a bit of pepper.  I cooked the chicken until all of its natural juices were dried up merely yielding that bit of fried texture.  I gave away some and they said that the Kale was cooked just right still giving that crunchy texture and one even said it was like cooked chinese style, even without my intention for such. 🙂 I do enjoy my meal personally, knowing I am eating a good serving of greens. 

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