Chicken Up

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Korean chicken has been a craze recently because of the marinade and crispiness of it. Think of soy chicken, oh yumm, I find it really nice as I love anything with soya sauce, lol. Not the usual Four Fingers this time, but we went on to try Chicken Up in Tampines mall. The place is a bit dimly lit which would give you that night out/bar drinking but laid back ambience. Well, they serve beers (mmmm I love Hite) to pair up with their chicken.

As this was a post dinner dessert, we did not order their chicken but which I will definitely come back for next time. If you are following my blog, I recently have this bingsu addiction so I wanted to try theirs. We ordered the Watermelon and Oreo Cup Bingsu.

Both were delectable but I find that the Watermelon Bingsu as the better one of the two, it was more refreshing and something that you can finish up. The Oreo Cup Bingsu was good but once I was in the middle of my dessert affair, I find that I could not really finish it anymore as it was heavy, very filling indeed. Of course, think of the milk infused snowy ice plus the oreo bits and the ice cream. But then, a chocoholic will definitely love this one. As a nibble, we got the Bulgogi Fries. I am such a huge fun of flavoured fries or fries with toppings that I can’t really eat much of the normal french fries anymore. I must say that I got in love with this one – the sauce, the tender and tasty beef strips plus the onions, sesame and spring onions were harmoniously infused to yield that unique french fries experience. I was impressed. However, price wise, this shop is a bit on the high side. All these three would already amount to SGD 50+. Well, I guess Bingsus in SG are really not that cheap. Still, I might come back to try their other food.

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