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Other parts of America such as Southern and Central are the cuisine that I am fascinated more than the usual American food – USA that is. For one, I am an avid fan of Mexican food, I know that this cuisine will be my lifetime and all time favorite. Finding a decent and good Mex food in Singapore is a bit of a challenge and there is still a scarcity of it as it is not one of those celebrated ones here – it’s a bit of an underdog. So other than Mex, finding a similar cuisine is an elating feeling for a Mex food lover that is me.

Mamacita sits at one of the stalls in the famous Lau Pa Sat.

Since we were also thinking of getting Satay (a food that you cannot pass up when in Lau Pa Sat), we only ordered for Chicken Krunchy Chalupas and Arroz Con Mariscos (Seafood Rice).

Beef and Chicken Meat Fillings
The menu only says chicken for the Chalupas, but you can actually opt for Beef, which I think looks nice as well.

Krunchy Chalupas (Chicken)

Arroz Con Mariscos (Seafood Rice)
The crunchy bowl of the Chalupas was really nice, it was the first time that I tried it and it was quite nice even on its own. The chicken’s taste was really good as well, it was tasty and cooked nicely. However, I find that the bowl was mostly vegetables and very less chicken. The guacamole is something that you pay for an additional price, however, it was equally good as well.

I cannot say much about the seafood rice as it is not tasty, nothing special about. It tasted nothing to be honest, it was just a colored rice. The seafood was not infused in the rice as well. I was thinking it should yield that seafood taste if you eat the rice alone, but it was a bit disappointing.

But, I will definitely come back to get some Chalupas again or try their Taco and Burrito, and perhaps try their beef filling as too.

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