El Mero Mero

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Back in my favourite Chijmes, we went to have our dinner at El Mero Mero mexican restaurant. My friend was also craving for the said cuisine and since I am a fan, we all went for it.

The tables at the open area were utterly inviting so we sat there rather than inside. Candles on the tables, less crowded restaurant, some tables setup under a tree, a bit of a cool weather sans the usual blaring music and rowdy crowd make up the ambience of the said place. Well, I think that is the reason why I would rather go to Chijmes and not those party places – it is laid back, a place for a good talk and basically enjoying your food and drinks.

We were giddy looking through the menu since most of us fancy mex. Most of us just ordered Tacos which is a set of two corn tortilla tacos with the fillings that you wanted. I got myself a Kurobuta Pork Al Pastor (SGD 16.00), my friends got Grilled Free-Range Chicken Tacos (SGD 18.00) and Portobello & Vegetarian Chorizo (SGD 18.00) and for sharing we got a Mozarella & Truffle Quesadilla (SGD 18.00).

Free Range Chicken Tacos (and yes, those are popcorn)
Pork Kurobuta Al Pastor Tacos (my personal order)
Portobello and Vegetarian Chorizo Tacos

The giddiness subsided once the food came in. I think most of us were expecting bigger size tacos and more filling or rather, something of generous serving. But, all the orders came in very tiny portions. Nonetheless, all of the orders tasted good – the meats were cooked tenderly and they were flavourful. Likewise, the salsa verde also tasted quite nice. However, the truffle quesadilla should not have carried itself with the term “truffle” as there was really no hint of it there, we only got an eggplant taste despite the filling being mushroom.

Mushroom and Truffle Quesadilla

Although they cooked the little meat fillings good, I would say I might not come back here anymore. The prices were very exy for a tiny serving of tacos. I would just go to the likes of Mex Out or Senor Taco.

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