Blogging Pains

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I’m back! It’s been quite a while since I last made a post, for the reason that I was trying to put up a wordpress powered website that is hosted by Go Daddy. Seeesh, configuring it up after my purchase had not really been straightforward. I had to make Go Daddy support calls and try to chat with WordPress support (which honestly is such a pain) to ask why some features were missing. I guess it was a bit of a challenge figuring out missing features e.g “like” button, follow me button (there are plugins but it doesn’t work the way I wanted it or how I used it before) and I wasn’t aware of course, that the “Reader” would no longer be available when another site manages your wordpress. I am a fan of “Reader” as I love to acquire information from most topics I fancy about. So not having it anymore and not being able to see likes from your followers or random visitors was such a lonely encounter, lol. Another is, themes with Go Daddy managed WP are not pretty interesting as well, they were just like the free themes that you will get here in WP. I thought given that you are premium when you subscribe to GD, it automatically enables you to select the premium WP themes, but no. Well, I basically wanted to share some thoughts and some of the things I find particularly interesting, so I guess this basic WP account would do. Maybe, eventually, I’ll just have to do with a simple domain name registration.

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