Half Empty, Half Full

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I’ve perceived myself as a multi-tasker, I can somehow distribute my focus to doing different things at a time and ensure those get done. But lately, I am not sure if it’s part of aging or just the nature of changing, I tend to give out all my concentration to a singular task. Thus, the hiatus with blogging. Now I am back and I thought to kick-off my resume by slowly letting my brain juices work through thinking of instances where The Daily Prompt’s topic correlate. Hence, this post.


I remember my final round of interview back in 2006 when I was fresh out of the university, where I applied and passed my supposedly first job / company (which I eventually turned down for something better), the director had asked a number of hypothetical questions, one being, how do I perceive a glass of water, which one would I prefer, half-empty or half-full. Hearing the question for the first time I found it odd. What’s the difference? Then I thought to myself, probably this is a trick question, that maybe I should focus on the positive side of things, empty or full? I answered with “half-full” and explained that I am comparing that to how I approach instances where I am being presented with challenges, should I treat it as something that will yield positive results in the end or consider it as a threat to my success. I know, I sounded like a trying hard applicant, pleasing her interviewer, haha!

But then, if you ask me now, what would I choose? I would choose half-empty. Life presents a lot of challenges and some of those, we traverse for the first time, without any prior experience. How we react to it and learn from it is usually a matter of trial and error. My “glass of life” is a gradually growing collection of good and bad experiences where I started out only hearing and reading life stories and yet now, I get to face some of those. I know that this glass would not ever be full because this world has a lot of pieces of stories and experiences that no one person can ever completely face. I guess it is a matter of learning from those and knowing how we can react and tread it the next time around. And that when that time comes where we have to carefully take a look at this glass, we will let out a grin, because we have made it through.

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