The South Union Park

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Neighborhood coffee nooks and food joints are one of my simple fascinations and life enjoyments. I find pleasure in spotting laid back coffee houses and eateries, what more if they offer really good food. In one of our walks within the neighborhood, we usually pass by this place which we initially thought, for some reason, was a design firm as it is unassuming and from afar, you can’t tell that it’s actually a food place. On one usual day of fiddling my phone for some nearby dining spots, I came across South Union Park and was surprised that it is one of those places we didn’t give attention to due to our first impression of it.

This post would consist of my two visits. We came in one afternoon and at night time for some coffee.

It is of minimalist interior with wooden chairs and tables and concrete, an open kitchen setup, very spacious and during the afternoon, give way to a lot of natural light.

The lady offered us to try the fresh oysters which were just imported that early in the day and it is not normally part of their menu.

Fresh Oysters SGD 17.00

I must say that these were really fresh, succulent and mouth watering. We drizzled it with lemon and for myself, added a bit of tabasco sauce. Oh my, it was really pleasant. They served it on a bed of salt.

South Australian Mussels in Chorizo Broth SGD 18.00
South Australian Mussels in Chorizo Broth SGD 18.00


Another dish that I got in love with is the mussels in chorizo, it also comes with freshly baked brioche. Despite the dish being inclusive of shellfish and chorizo, the broth wasn’t salty at all but was very flavorful. Dipping the brioche in there makes it a much more enjoyable meal – I.REALLY.LOVE.IT. We paired it up with wine. It was superb.

Fried Chicken with Cornbread and Honey Butter SGD 11.00

The fried chicken was very crispy and tasty. I love that they paired it up with bread and the interesting mix of honey and butter. If you are looking for an appetizer, I recommend this.

Brownie with Ice Cream SGD 9.00

We also managed to try their desserts. One being the conventional brownie with vanilla ice cream though they sprinkled it with candied walnuts, butterscotch and salted caramel. This one though was average, nothing really outstanding about it.

Latte SGD 4.50

The coffee is of quality, something that I can order again the next time I wanted to just have a laid back afternoon with a book.

Passionfruit Souffle SGD 13.00 / Poutine SGD 12.00

Of the entire spread, this was the downer. I really didn’t like that it was too sour plus the texture it leaves on the teeth when eating it. Something that I for sure will pass up and do not recommend. Plus, it will take 20 minutes for it to be served, good thing about that though is that you are assured it’s oven fresh. Poutine which is the shoestring fries with duck gravy and cheese could pass for a good appetizer that is for sharing.

Tiramisu in a jar (price forgotten)

Of all the desserts, I would come back and order the Tiramisu with Pistachios on top. It was a satisfying conclusion to this food fare.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this place if you opt for a tranquil food place where you can just enjoy the food sans the hustle and bustle or the normal crowd of malls.

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