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Capitol Piazza becomes one of my favorite afternoon hangout spots for coffee and light snacks. I find that I am usually there on bright, sunny afternoons prior to doing some personal errands. Another cafe that tickled my interest was Angelina which was straight from Paris and actually has no other branches than Singapore and Paris itself.

Since it was light bite that I was looking for, I decided to try their Croque Monsieur, pommes frites, mesclun de saison which I guess translates to a ham and cheese grilled sandwich with french fries and some side salad? =))

Croque Monsieur SGD 21.00

I initially doubted it while I was ordering because it might just be an average toast that somehow there could be a probability that toast from Toastbox would be better, but alas! When I took a bite, I find it really good. It was a sandwich that was made with quality ingredients and not those typical ones.

For the drinks I got myself their old fashioned iced chocolate, which the lady said to be their best seller and one of their nicest drink selection. So I gave in.

L’Africain SGD 13.00

This one is a honest to goodness iced chocolate. The slight touch to the tongue would tell you that they are using premium, quality chocolate here. I liked it.

Although pricey really, I think I can go back here again should some friends or family invite. But of course, visiting this might be on a once in a bluemoon sort of thing. SGD 40.00 (gst & taxes included) for the entire afternoon snack is of course exy unless you just wanted to give it a try.

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